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Chronic Pain

Harter Physical Therapy

Living daily with pain takes a toll on your wellbeing. Chronic pain, or pain lasting longer than six months, often leads to fatigue, mood changes including anxiety and stress, sleeplessness, and even reduced immune function. For some, it can be so debilitating that it leads to disability. Physical therapy has been shown to be effective for many chronic pain sufferers, drastically reducing or eliminating pain that has reduced quality of life for months or even years.


Our doctors of physical therapy are able to treat a comprehensive range of conditions causing chronic pain. Sports injuries, including traumatic (fractures, ACL and rotator cuff tears, etc.) and overuse (runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, etc.) are very responsive to physical therapy (PT) as a conservative treatment to avoid surgery. PT can also reduce chronic post-operative pain, back and neck pain, as well as pain from arthritis, whiplash, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and many more conditions.


Harter Physical Therapy

Targeting pain at the source, we utilize a variety of cutting-edge methods to treat chronic pain for long-lasting relief. Your chronic pain treatment plan is based on your specific symptoms and will be designed to improve your condition as quickly as possible. Cryotherapy (cold therapy) or thermotherapy (heat therapy) may be combined with treatments including electrotherapy and manual therapy including myofascial release / trigger point therapy. Your physical therapy exercises will be performed in our state-of-the-art Goddard clinic using our equipment, as well as at home, to help you achieve optimum results.

Now is the time to put an end to your diminished abilities from chronic pain and enjoy living pain free again. Request an appointment online with one of our skilled doctors of physical therapy, or call Harter Physical Therapy today at (316) 550-6132.