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Harter Physical Therapy

Your lymphatic system consists of vessels throughout your body that eliminate waste and toxins through a fluid called lymph. Lymphedema, or swelling of the lymph vessels, occurs when there is an excess of this fluid. It can be caused from a health condition, damaged vessels, or after lymph node removal surgery. The swelling from lymphedema often worsens as more fluids are attracted to the area and scar tissue, or fibrosis, is formed from chronic inflammation.

Symptoms of Lymphedema

Many people may notice clothing and shoes or rings fitting tighter without explanation. As the swelling becomes more severe, your body may begin to become achy or feel heavy. Strain on the joints from excess fluids in the lymphatic system may cause joint pain, which often leads to a decreased range in motion. Quality of life is drastically reduced from lymphedema when left untreated, as your mobility decreases and pain increases.

Lymphedema Treatment

Harter Physical Therapy

Treating lymphedema with physical therapy requires a complex care plan that is customized to your unique needs. We offer decongestive therapy which includes manual lymphatic drainage massage, as well as compression bandaging to help improve lymph node function and reduce swelling. A home exercise plan will be prescribed to maximize your results.

If you suffer from lymphedema, our doctors of physical therapy can help you finally experience relief from the bloating and swelling, aches and pains, and limited range of motion. Call our Goddard, KS office at (316) 550-6132, or request an appointment online today.