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Physical Therapy

Harter Physical Therapy

When your quality of life is compromised by a recent life event or chronic pain, physical therapy helps to restore physical function. Often we think of physical therapy as something that is needed after an injury. However, anything from a recent surgery to giving birth, or simply spending eight hours a day sitting at your desk, can cause changes in your ability to have a complete and pain-free range of motion.

Conditions Treated

Because the way your body moves affects all aspects of your wellbeing, anything from headaches to foot pain can be alleviated with physical therapy. We treat a comprehensive range of conditions stemming from work and auto accidents, as well as joint disorders including arthritis. Athletes suffering from overuse injuries such as golfer’s or tennis elbow or traumatic injuries such as ACL or rotator cuff tears find relief with physical therapy.

Types of Treatments

Harter Physical Therapy

At Harter Physical Therapy, we offer the most innovative, cutting-edge methods to restore function and eliminate your pain. Therapeutic exercise with strength and endurance training are utilized to enhance your movement. Manual therapy which may be used to relieve pain, and restore normal joint movement and soft tissue extensibility. For athletes we provide plyometric, agility, and sports training. Passive modalities such as neuromuscular electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, and thermotherapy help to improve muscle strength and function, or reduce pain and inflammation.

Our personalized level of care has helped many of our patients experience an improved quality of life they never thought possible. Call our Goddard, Kansas office at (316) 550-6132, or request an appointment online to get started on your journey to pain-free living with greater mobility.