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Post-Op Rehab

Harter Physical Therapy

Surgery is a traumatic experience for your body, no matter how minor your procedure may be. Following an operation, physical therapy is a key component in your return to health, as it can help improve your range of motion, reduce post-operative pain, and help your body heal quickly and safely. Our doctors of physical therapy are board-certified orthopedic specialists, highly skilled and knowledgeable in treating orthopedic conditions requiring surgery.

Conditions Treated

Physical rehabilitation can be utilized after any type of surgery, though even more so for orthopedic surgery. We are able to improve muscle and joint function following surgical procedures for conditions such as arthritis and osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, hip fracture, carpal tunnel, and many others.

Types of Treatment

Harter Physical Therapy

At Harter Physical therapy, our post-op rehabilitation treatments are personalized to your needs. Following surgical repair, a strengthening program is utilized to retrain your muscles around the affected area. This includes physical exercises, as well as a combination of other modalities like cryotherapy and thermotherapy, and neuromuscular electrical stimulation. Your skilled therapist will help you to increase strength and endurance while being careful of any surgical precautions.

Physical therapy can also be beneficial before surgery to optimize your condition prior to surgery, and post-op to restore physical function and reduce pain. Learn more about how we can help improve your surgical outcomes by requesting an appointment online or calling our Goddard, Kansas office today at (316) 550-6132.