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ShoulderElbow, Wrist

Harter Physical Therapy

Proper functioning of the shoulder and other arm joints is paramount in many activities of our daily lives. Should impairment occur, we can quickly lose the ability to brush our hair, cook, dress ourselves, or participate in hobbies or sports we love. Our physical therapists are able to properly diagnose the structure causing the pain, as well as the abnormal biomechanics that are instigating the pain for a results-driven approach to shoulder, elbow, and wrist rehabilitation.

Conditions Treated

Our physical therapy experts are board-certified orthopedic specialists, able to treat a comprehensive range of upper extremity conditions including:

Our Approach

Harter Physical Therapy

At Harter Physical Therapy, we provide injury prevention plans of care and cutting-edge rehabilitation for upper extremity conditions involving the shoulder, elbow, and wrist. We utilize advanced manual therapy techniques, including controlled range-of-motion activities in which you are taught to activate the proper muscles at the correct time during arm movement. We also implement strengthening programs aimed to improve joint stability, and we identify and treat structural asymmetries to help reduce likelihood of recurrent injuries.

Let our compassionate doctors of physical therapy help you return to normal activities again, free from shoulder and arm pain. Request an appointment online at our Goddard office, or call us at (316) 550-6132 today.