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Sports Injuries

Harter Physical Therapy

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, professional competitor, or college athlete, your body can take a beating while playing sports. A sports injury can be worrisome and take away any enjoyment you once experienced while participating in your chosen activity, when mobility is limited or pain becomes chronic. In both overuse and traumatic sports injuries, our doctors of physical therapy restore your function, reduce pain, and educate you on preventing re-injury.

Common Injuries

The many moving parts of our joints are susceptible to injury while involved in athletic activities. Some of the common traumatic sports injuries we treat include sprains and strains of your knees, elbows, shoulders, wrists, or feet, as well as meniscal tears, rotator cuff tears, and fractures. Injuries occurring from overuse or poor body mechanics like golfer’s or tennis elbow, bursitis, or iliotibial band syndrome also benefit from physical therapy treatment.


Harter Physical Therapy

Treatments for sports injuries will vary according to the severity of the injury and your unique symptoms. Modalities such as cryotherapy, thermotherapy, and electrical stimulation may be used to treat pain and inflammation, along with an individual strengthening flexibility program to treat the injured area. Overuse injuries can also be treated with these modalities and benefit from an evaluation to prevent constant misuse or misalignment of the affected joint. Kinesio taping or leukotape are sometimes used to help in pain reduction and muscle re-education following an injury.

At Harter Physical Therapy, our doctors of physical therapy are skilled sports medicine experts able to help improve your mobility and reduce your pain so you can return to play as quickly and safely as possible. Call us today for an evaluation and customized program at (316) 550-6132, or request an appointment online.